Monday, January 25, 2010

Seven Dollar Wine? Delicious!

I wrote this little article for a position I applied for as a "Boston Budget Wine Reviewer." The first time I bought this wine was when I was living in the North End and pretty much exclusively buying my groceries from the Golden Goose, which basically costs you a Golden Bar every time you go in there. Unless I was able to snag a ride from Kendra or brave the long haul to Shaws, I would just walk over to the Goose. Obviously once I got there I felt like I should treat myself to a bottle but because my checkbook was going to bounce once I left I would always go for the cheep stuff, and often regretted it after. However, this little bottle surprised and impressed me- since, it's a staple for me, I suggest it should be for you to- Cheers!

Seven Dollar Wine? Delicious!

By Sarah Tulloch

When you want an inexpensive bottle of wine but don’t want to feel like your drinking from a box, grab the bottle with the little red chicken on it, Le Coq Rouge.

At about seven dollars a bottle, this fruity, slightly tannic wine from France will pair nicely with pretty much anything from hamburgers and Chinese take out to steak or roasted lamb.

A blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Grenache makes it appealing to most everyone because it has a nice blend of flavors and not overpowering. Fits perfectly as the final touch on a weeknight meal or the stand out at a dinner party. The chique bottle makes a statement as well. Very simple in design, it appeals to the younger crowd who doesn’t want to spend thirty dollars on a bottle of but also don’t want to compromise on taste.

Since more quality wines are available at a lower price point these days, this once reserved beverage is now making a big come back. Showing up on the dinner table most any night of the week isn’t such a far fledged idea. Wine has a way of taking an everyday meal and turning into a romantic evening or adding the perfect touch to any dish. Luckily, with bottles like Le Coq Rouge low cost just means you’ll be able to buy two.

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Kendra said...

annoying that the goose won't accept out of state licenses. or i would be allll over that.