Sunday, January 10, 2010

Elizabeth's Salad

Since my best friend has been home from Columbia for Christmas break I've been making this wild rice salad for her often. I call it the "Elizabeth Salad." I originally made it from what was laying around and since have made it a few more times changing it up depending on what I have. I also like to make it using Quinoa instead of Wild Rice. It's great chilled, or you can heat it up if you're in the mood for something hot. It's super healthy and easy. It's vegan (also gluten and oil free)!
The Elizabeth Salad:
2 cups of Wild Rice (or Quinoa)
2 cups carrot-small chop
2 cups sweet peas
1 cup almonds-toasted and chopped or slivered
1/2 cup scallions-cut on a bias
plenty of salt and pepper to taste
Simply cook the rice or Quinoa (4 cups water to 2 cups rice-salted and boil, turn the heat down, add the rice and cover until done). While the rice is cooking prep the rest of your ingredietns-chopping veggies, toast the almonds, etc... Then combine with the rice in a large mixing bowl, toss with a fork, season and chill (or consume)! So simple, so good. *In this picture I added celery, usually I don't make it with celery.

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